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Managed Services and Other IT Staffing Models

This event summarizes the main issues involved with staffing IT services for an organization, such as: employees vs. independent contractors; full-time vs. part-time or on-call; and staffing selection methods and criteria. It also compares the pros and cons of two of the primary models for engaging IT service providers. Hourly services allows a company to just pay for the services as and when needed. "Managed services" usually refers to specified, on-going services being provided for a fixed monthly fee and to monitoring and maintaining systems in a proactive fashion, rather than on a reactive, break/fix basis. The relative costs and success of the two approaches are often more dependent on the proficiency and integrity of the provider and on how well the services are planned out and managed, than on which model is used. The pros and cons of the main approaches and issues will be compared and discussed.

Where & When

Locations and scheduling for this seminar have not been finalized yet. Please let us know your interests and preferences and we'll notify you.